Tuesday, August 28, 2012


He's damn strait not like us! Daemon Black isn't like anybody else in the world. My fangirl spasms erupt whenever he is involved. Daemon Invasion is taking over and I sure as heck would love to be abducted by him. Luxe series is my DEFINITE ULTIMATE BEST FAVORITE AWESOME AMAZING STUPENDOUS you get the idea series. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have read and reread Obsidian Onyx and Shadows ok maybe Onyx like 3 so far but hey. There's just not enough words to express how much I absolutely love this series. Daemon is perfect hes the HOLY TRINITY OF HOT BOYS for crying out loud. He is my soul mate come on look at that face. If you haven't read the Luxe series by Jennifer Armentrout, you can just go ahead and add that to your bucket list because it should be a crime to die and not have read this book. CHECK HER OUT HERE!!!!!

ARCHERS OF AVALON series by Chelsea Fine

So the only problem I have with this series is SHE COMPLETELY LEFT MY HANGING in Awry. I feel like screaming. As you know its absolute pure torture waiting and waiting on the next book to release. I love this series. It's enthralling and a one sitter. Tristan holy crap I so wanna see that tattoo!! When Awry flashes back to the trios tale of the first life I was all Tristan again and damnitt if I don't need more of him defiantly "book boyfriend" material. The twist turns and unlikely villains earned these books a spot on my fave shelf! An original read I surely craved. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soul Guardians by Kim Richardson

This series is one of my favorite. I wish that David was my guardian angel. Kim Richardson is an awesome writer and her books are AMAZING! Throughout the series and as the plot develops I love this series more and more. From when Kara got hit by the bus I was hooked. Between battles for horizon, Asmondeus, and traveling through the netherworld, I can't get enough soul guardians.  Even now as Seirs is to be released new plots have developed and new story lines and I CANNOT wait. This series is for sure a 5 out 4 star series!

Preordained Novels by Kelly Libsack

I don't care if its wrong in this series o did I love me some fallen angel. I know I know. But he can defiantly work out his issues and good god I love Seth. Regardless I loved this book. The whole fallen angel thing can go downhill easy and I either love or hate those books. This book is hard its not a four star book but a solid three I would say. There was just too much with the ending and too much of the impossible don't get me wrong I love me some sci fi books and I would be mad if the characters were actually dead but when three die and get brought back to life its just too much. They just appear alive and human?! I didn't like that it would have been better if it was a team effort to rescue a soul. That's not the only thing this book is just missing something.

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

So I had seen Sweet Evil everywhere! I had been meaning to read it but you know how that goes as soon as I go to by the book series I love are turning out and it kept getting put on the backburner. Well dammit if I don’t regret that one. This book was fanfreakingfabulous. The neph son of the duke of lust didn’t disappoint I really enjoyed this one and the half angel side clashing with demon side automatically drew my attention. Nephilim are my fave paranormal group after Luxen of course. Needlessly this book has it all the action the hot boy with the nice boy all adding up to one crazy love triangle good books need. I can’t wait for the sequel and this one is defiantly fan girl spasm worthy!

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

Storm was good intense and fun. I liked it. It’s not on of my oh my god I loved this book but it’s still great. It’s more of a good book for a time filler inbetween waiting on new books from my favorite series. There was a lot of events that surprised me, I did like the characters. There was a lot of action and I did enjoy the novel but like I said that’s where the line is drawn. I would give it 2 ½ outta 4 stars. 

Callum and Harper by Fisher Amelie

Callum and Harper is one of my favorite books I’ve read. I normally stick to the whole paranormal genre but lately stepping out and exploring books without sexy aliens and kick ass demon slayers has been great! I cried and laughed and pulled my hair out. I couldn’t believe the turn of events and unexpected outcomes shocked me. I’ll admit I didn’t expect for this book to be this good. I devoured it and felt changed after finishing. The unique cast of this book was awesome. I loved the positive determination exhibited by both Callum and Harper and found this book to be very inspirational and overall good read.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

So currently I have amassed tons of books I have read and yet to post any reviews on. Or books that I really enjoyed to the point of being locked away in the nearest insane asylum. tee hee. Anyhow I digress my slacker procrastination with this blog will cease once I get some much needed rest. Hopefully I will get them up soon but as we all know it's difficult to post reviews while my nose is glued to my kindle. Upcoming series and reviews will be Elemental Series, Sweet Evil, Callum and Harper, Mayfair Moon, Enchant Me, Light Tamer, Anomaly, and Easy, Eden Trilogy, Fusion, Shift, Awry, Premonition Series, and Dark Betrayals Series. OHH Yeah and the Luxe series. ALONG WITH EVERYTHING DAEMON BLACK! Also my Cassandra Clare reviews. Thanks for stopping by STEPH

Star Crossed Series

Overall was awesome I frigging loved this series dammit if Kiran Kendrick. The story line is indescribable actually I can get pretty close its like HOLY FRICKING SHIT THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN! lol Although they were a little slow on the pick up they sure as heck made up for it. Star Crossed was a suspenseful climatic  all around good read. Amazing characters surprising twist and turns all adding up to one kick ass story. Avalon was great hes strong and smart an awesome leader and he made the story. Kiran well Kiran is just well completly swoon worthy and deserving of both the love then hate then love again. I could NOT stop reading once I started I was in a complete daze once I finished this series and stepped back into reality. 

Unforgiven by Cat Miller

I obviosly loved the first book of this series. Dani was such an awesome chick. Brandi takes the forefront of the sequel and I adored her too. This book is strong with everything I want and need from a good series. As the story continues and the plot devolpes even further it blew my mind. After Chase and Dani set the standards this book soared them higher. Although the first is almost always improved opon in my mind this series is ridculously awesome I LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

Crash Nicole Williams

So I did like the Eden trilogy by Nicole Williams and I adored Patrick's latest series and Fissure is defiantly on my to read list. Although they Haywood brothers are one of my favorite fiction boys and Jude Ryder is pretty awesome in his own right, this book disappointed me. Now I know that a lot of people liked this book but compared to her earlier books I'd have to say this one is my least favorite. I guess my main reason is I love a boy who fights for the girl he wants not give up like he did. The story was okay kinda jumpy and scattered. I liked it I'm not saying that just that some books you wrap yourself in experience emotions right along with the story. I just didn't have a mind blowing experience from this one and it could have been better. 


So I waited patiently for Onyx to be released and the only disappointing thing about this book was that I have to wait yet again only now for Opal. In the book Jennifer Armentrout uses this term "book boyfriend" well Daemon is my "book soul mate" I loved Obsidian and Onyx picks right up with the story, introduces more characters and had me asking more questions. This is a book that I am defiantly going to read over and over and over again. After Daemon heals Katy new problems start to arise and suddenly a new boy comes to school who I just didn't like from the start but hey I'm defiantly Team Daemon on this one. Katy and Daemons situation heatens up when he decides he wants Katy and nothing is going to inhibit him from her now. The twist turns and not stop action made this book into a one sitter for me. Though after all of her other  books I can safely say I was expecting that. I was hyped by the YA Crushtourney and YASH which made the wait that much more excruciatingly long. After all Jennifer Armentrout is one of my favorite authors and the covenant series was mindblowing also her other books she writes under J Lynn. Simply put I LOVE THEM ALL!