Monday, August 20, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

So currently I have amassed tons of books I have read and yet to post any reviews on. Or books that I really enjoyed to the point of being locked away in the nearest insane asylum. tee hee. Anyhow I digress my slacker procrastination with this blog will cease once I get some much needed rest. Hopefully I will get them up soon but as we all know it's difficult to post reviews while my nose is glued to my kindle. Upcoming series and reviews will be Elemental Series, Sweet Evil, Callum and Harper, Mayfair Moon, Enchant Me, Light Tamer, Anomaly, and Easy, Eden Trilogy, Fusion, Shift, Awry, Premonition Series, and Dark Betrayals Series. OHH Yeah and the Luxe series. ALONG WITH EVERYTHING DAEMON BLACK! Also my Cassandra Clare reviews. Thanks for stopping by STEPH

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